Gas Logs

Northwoods Grills has full line of gas logs from top suppliers like Empire, Real Fyre, and Grand Canyon Logs. 
We at Northwoods Grills keep the ordering process simple and sell our log set’s complete. No need to pick out your logs and try to match up a burner kit. Just choose your style, fuel, ignition and controller and your done.

Empire offers ceramic fiber, traditional refractory concrete, and Burncrete® logs. Each log is hand-painted to bring out the rich detail. Vent-Free Burners are approved for use in any certified vent-free firebox. They may be also installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace, with the damper closed, to operate as a vent-free heating system. For applications where you want the ambiance of a fire without the heat, our Millivolt and manual burners are also certified for installation as decorative vented log sets.

1 of the most commonly question we get asked is,

What is the difference between Millivolt and IPI?

In a nut shell, the Millivolt system is your basic pilot flame. Advantage is doesn’t external power. So if you live in an area where the power goes out periodically, especially in the winter, the Millivolt system is a good idea. The disadvantage is, is the pilot light stays on all the time. No problem 6 months out the year, but when you are cooling your house with AC, you are also cooling the pilot light that always putting off heat. 

IPI, intermittent pilot ignition,