Drop in BBQ grills

Create an exceptional outdoor cooking area in your backyard with Northwoods drop in BBQ Grills. These grills are permanently installed in an outdoor kitchen area, and they operate in four different ways:


A collaboration between gas and charcoal grills, the pellet grill is electronically powered and easy to use. This type of drop-in grill will deliver that irresistible smoky flavor.


Charcoal-based drop-in BBQ grills are generally the most common because they deliver high heat and that char-grilled flavor many meat lovers look for when cooking outdoors.


The most straightforward drop-in BBQ grill to use, the electrically powered drop-in grill is the best option if you have limited space. The electrical grill will not deliver the intense flavors of a charcoal grill or natural gas, so the flavors are not as distinguished as when you cook the food on other grills.

Natural gas

BBQ drop-in grills powered by natural gas are by far the most convenient as it only takes one push of a button to switch on the grill and get the BBQ heated up and ready for cooking.

No matter the heating option you go for, our drop-in BBQ grills come in high-grade steel or porcelain-enameled cast iron built to last for years and endure outdoor conditions. These grills can withstand harsh weather, from high summer temperatures to cold weather. You can use your drop-in grill all year round up to temperatures of -30F. The porcelain grates of our drop-in grills protect your grill from rust and wear, typical components that come in contact with high heat and weather conditions.

They are probably the best drop-in BBQ grills to create that sought-after outdoor vibe right in your backyard, no matter the season. Get ready to entertain al fresco any time of the year with these BBQs. These grills are elite grilling performers that will help you create tasty dishes to enjoy outdoors. Heat retention is a crucial component of high-grade BBQs, and our drop-in grills are high performers. Our grills deliver the power and heat retention you need to create those smoky notes in your dishes. With our drop-in grills, you can forget about cold spots. The multiple burners produce an efficient cooking area with a consistent heat level, so you can cook different food at the same time without losing power.

Find the drop-in grill that will make all your cooking goals come to life, whether you want to slow-cook meat or utilize the built-in rotisserie system for special occasions.


Northwoods Grills carries a variety of premium drop in grills. If you're designing a new outdoor kitchen or replacing an existing grill Northwoods Grills carries 9 brands of drop-in-grills in many price ranges. You can also choose your fuel, from natural gas, propane, or wood pellets to charcoal. You can also choose your material, from 304 Stainless Steel to cast iron. Your grill will be the foundation of your outdoor kitchen and we at Northwoods Grills wants to give our customer the most options. Choose from our most popular brands


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Bonfire Grills 

Broil King


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