Primo Ceramic Grill

Cooking and feasting outside is a joy like none other, and if you have the right equipment, the overall pleasure and taste of your food are seemingly doubled. When it comes to residential outdoor grills, nothing can match the Kamado. And if you are seeking a high-quality Kamado grill, look no further than the Primo Ceramic Grill!

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Why the Primo Ceramic Grill?

Keeping in mind the scientific specifications of air control and heating temperatures, the primo ceramic grill uses the highest grade of ceramics known to retain heat better than other substances. This enables your food to be juicy and tender!

This innovative grill allows you to apply various cooking methods, whether the size of the material you’re cooking is big or small. There’s hardly any other similar product in the market that gives such cooking versatility.

You can also moderate the temperature to your preference and cook on one side of the grill at a high temperature, and the other can be reserved for low-temperature and slow cooking.


Types of Primo Grills

  • Primo Grill and Smoker
  • Primo Charcoal grills
  • Primo Smoker Grill
  • Primo BBQ smokers
  • Primo Ceramic smoker


These are some of the most famous Primo Ceramic grill products:


Primo Ceramic Grills features

  • The premium-grade ceramics used in the primo grill enhances the flavor of the food, making it much juicier. The grill's ceramic nature also retains the food's natural moisture very effectively.
  • The primo ceramic grill is highly efficient in maintaining appropriate temperature control. It’s also easy to use and can be ready to cook within 15 minutes of turning it on.
  • Since Primo Ceramic grills are meant for an outdoor environment, they are water resistant. The premium quality ceramics and other hardware are designed to withstand extreme climates.
  • Primo Grills are extremely easy to maintain and require minimal cleaning. If you take care of the grill properly, it will last for years.


Benefits of Primo Ceramic grills

  • The down shutting process of Primo grills is highly convenient. Once the cooking is done, the grill automatically shuts down the airflow, and the fire dies on its own. You can also use the reaming charcoal for your next BBQ!
  • If you love pizza, consider modifying your Primo grill by adding a Primo Pizza Stone and enjoy your favorite wood-fired pizza!
  • Primo Grill accessories are easy to come by and readily available by Northwoods Grills. You can find a primo grill for sale along with their accessories.


Primo Ceramic Grills: Grace personified

The premium nature of Primo ceramic grills makes them head and shoulders above other ceramic grills. It burns less fuel and cooks better than other products while looking elegant. Get your hands on a Primo grill today and start cooking!


Northwoods Grills  carries the full line of Primo Ceramic grills and Primo accessories. 
Primo’s fleet of ceramic grills is designed to fit everyone's outdoor cooking needs. From our flagship Jack Daniel's Edition Oval XL 400 to our classic round Kamado. Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker. To give you an idea of the size of our grills and cooking area, we've rated them based on the number of steaks that can be grilled at one time.


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