Few activities are as happy and fulfilling as cooking outside, mainly because you enjoy the rich Flavors of the meal and the aromas and beauty of the outside world.  However, you need suitable cooking and grilling tools to complement such a setting, and Northwoods Grills Smokers are the best on the market!

You can put on your chef hat and begin cooking outside as soon as possible by selecting from a large category of smokers and other grilling accessories.

Northwoods Grills provides a variety of smokers by Broil King, Z Grills and Cajun Custom Cookers. Whether your just a amateur smoker or you run a food truck or restaurant, Northwoods Grills has a smoker to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us to help you with your smoker needs.

What do Smokers do?

Due to their ability to withstand low temperatures, a smoker becomes the ideal outdoor cooking tool. This unique and customised oven makes barbeque and other delicacies of high quality.  Given the widespread demand, many different sorts and varieties of smokers, ranging from modest electrical units to commercial smokers, can prepare hot and steaming meat for an entire classroom!

Smokers, as the name implies, impart a smoky flavor and texture to the cooked food, giving it a depth lacking from other appliances. Other ovens and grills from Northwoods Grills are also available in various culinary methods. Among them are:

How do Smokers function?

Are you curious about buying a grill guide or have questions like how you should pick a smoker? Where can I get a smoker? What is a smoker grill? If that is the case, it's crucial to keep in mind that there are numerous options on the market, and Northwoods Grills are one of the best.

Smokers cover numerous cooking methods and barbeque delicacies. BBQ Typically, smokers require a heat source. Anything from wood to electricity and gas can be used to power the smoker. For the best cooking results, heat can pass through the oven's cooking chamber smoothly and on a low, smooth trajectory. The following are additional elements that help smokers function correctly:

  • Humidity level
  • Proper ventilation
  • Smoke density

Northwoods Grills offers premium quality Smokers. Some of the most popular ones are:

Smokers Features

  • Because smokers can smoke food, they differ from other ovens in functionality.  Your food generally gains a particular flavor from the smoke produced by burning hardwood or other energy sources. Moreover, you can also select an energy source based on the type of food.
  • BBQ meat made by smokers is renowned for being incredibly tender. Smokers provide low and slow cooking, which softens even the toughest of meats. With Northwoods Grills Smokers, you can indulge in the most exquisite and unique meat delicacies.
  • Depending on your needs and the number of people you feed, you can buy a specific smoker. Smokers come in several sizes and can accommodate the cooking requirements of every possible event!

Smokers: Adds a unique flavor to your food

Smokers are widely regarded as one of the best appliances for barbeques. They impact the texture and taste of the food cooked in them and provide an experience like none other. Find yourself a Northwoods Grills Smoker today and get cooking!

Enjoy True Southern Smokehouse Grilling

Styled after traditional southern smokers, these barrel smokers and grills are exceptionally well crafted. The Smoke™ offset and grills are must-haves for aspiring pit masters who enjoy authentic, smokehouse grilling.