Interior Fireplaces

The interior of your household reflects your personality to the outside world. The more beautiful the interior of your house, the higher your reputation in the eyes of your acquaintances. Interior fireplaces often occupy the central location of a room, making it the first thing anyone sees upon entering the room so their importance cannot be underestimated.

Northwoods Grills allows you to choose from various interior fireplaces alongside other designs, such as an outdoor fireplace and grill, the majestic Vermont fireplace, and the vintage dark wood fireplace to decorate your home and make it an object of widespread envy.


Why do you need an Interior Fireplace?

  • Interior fireplaces provide an aura of coziness to your humble abode. The heat emanating from the fireplace not only makes you comfortable but illuminates the entire room. You can also choose the interior design for fireplaces.
  • Fireplaces are the embodiment of luxury and vintage decorum. They come across as a product of a bygone era while at the same time they are maintaining their rapport with modernity.
  • Interior fireplaces can save you a lot on energy bills by providing substantial heat, particularly during winter.
  • There are many interiors fireplace designs to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate one that matches your room’s structure and outlay.


Benefits of Interior Fireplaces

  • The overall ambiance of an indoor fireplace is second to none. The glowing warmth has a relaxing effect that will enhance your physical and emotional comfort.
  • Interior fireplaces increase the value of a home not only in monetary terms but also provide cathartic satisfaction.
  • The overall appearance and interior design of your living room are drastically improved once a fireplace is placed as a central point.
  • You can choose from an extensive collection of interior fireplaces, including wood burning and gas fireplaces, and choose one that’s convenient for you.


Types of fireplaces

There are traditional forms of fireplaces - 

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces
  • Gas Burning Fireplaces
  • Electric Fireplaces
  • Ethanol Burning fireplaces


These fireplaces are further divided into:

  • Open hearth fireplace
  • Enclosed fireplace
  • Direct Vented built-in fireplace
  • Ventless built-in fireplaces
  • Mantel electric fireplaces
  • Electric Fireplace and entertainment centers


Interior fireplace features

  • Northwoods Grills allows you to choose from a comprehensive collection of interior fireplaces in various shapes and sizes. You can select any fireplace that meets your requirements and serves a distinct purpose.
  • If you’re seeking premium visuals, you can have see-through gas fireplaces; if you want something more traditional and vintage, you can select wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Interior fireplaces are very easy to clean and scrub. While their large size may give the impression that they are hard to clean, their overall maintenance is surprisingly easy.
  • It’s always preferable to conserve energy, so Northwoods Grills can be used with not one but four energy sources, namely wood, gas, electricity, and ethanol. Choose the one which you find most appealing!
  • Not just content with heating and decoration? Want something more? You can use some Northwoods Grills fireplaces as ovens too! Use the fireplaces to throw social events that everyone will remember.


Beauty Personified 

Northwoods Grills has an unparalleled collection of premium interior fireplaces. When it comes to optimum quality and design patterns, they offer the best products on the market. Start beautifying your home today!

Northwoods Grills carries a variety of gas and wood stoves from Osburn, Majestic and Kingsman.