Le Griddle

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Le Griddle is the perfect premium product to complete your outdoor kitchen. Unique in the world with its patented Dual Plate System & Lifetime warranty, Le Griddle is the greatest innovation in outdoor grilling since the invention of the BBQ. Using technology from the aircraft industry, the combination of stainless steel 304 and cast iron prevents discoloration, good as new after each clean, the only efficient solution for a perfect grilling experience. Le Griddle ensures excellence & high performance for all your outdoor cooking needs.


Le Griddle

Le Griddle is designed and manufactured in France, the country of luxury & gastronomy.

Using high tech manufacturing from the aircraft industry, our product is the top of range in outdoor cooking equipment. The whole product is made solely from stainless steel 304 and has a lifetime warranty ensuring many convivial cooking experiences year after year. Le Griddle is approved by French chefs while being optimized for the ultimate American outdoor cooking area.