Outdoor Fireplace

Imagine yourself sitting underneath the clear winter sky on a moonlight stary night. The wind gently blows in your face with the serene sounds of nature ringing in your ears as you sip a hot cup of coffee. It seems appealing, doesn’t it? Only an outdoor fireplace can make this experience exceedingly better!

Fireplaces embody luxury and relaxation, and Northwood Grills provide you with not one but several outdoor fireplaces to select from. Whether an outdoor fireplace with wood box or a pristine outdoor stucco fireplace, Northwood grills have you covered.


Why use an Outdoor Fireplace?

The primary function of outdoor fireplaces is to heat their surrounding areas and make the presence in and around the fireplace extremely comfortable. They also act as mood enhancers by brightening up the aesthetics of your immediate surroundings.

Designed to last long, fireplaces are sturdy and waterproof, and outdoor fireplace materials are produced in such a way that they become a natural component of your external environment, providing you with a sense of privacy and intimacy.

Depending on your preferences and desires, you can modify the fireplace into an outdoor fireplace and grill to entertain your guests and organize social events around the apparatus.


Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Stucco outdoor fireplaces
  • Stone fireplace with wood storage


The fireplace construction design of these outdoor fireplaces depends on your personal choices. You can craft your fireplace, keeping up with your backyard fireplace ideas and specific stucco fireplace designs accordingly.



  • Affordable and easily assembled, there are various kinds of outdoor fireplaces to choose from. Easily customized depending on your preference, these elite and cheap outdoor fireplaces come in multiple sizes and decorated shapes, irrespective of your area size.
  • You are also given the option to choose from various differently powered fireplaces such as ethanol fireplaces, wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and smokeless fireplaces.
  • Suited for all kinds of environments, you can place the outdoor fireplace in your yard, adjacent to swimming pools, or anywhere in your garden.
  • Outdoor fireplaces come in various price ranges, so you can easily choose one which fits your budget. Additionally, you can assemble the fireplace as part of a DIY activity to save the assemblage costs.



  • Outdoor Fireplaces provide a warm and enriching environment that you can enjoy with your friends and family.
  • They can act as a focal point of your outdoor living space, just like an indoor fireplace function as the central location of your living room.
  • Outdoor fireplaces add additional value to your home. Not only monetary but sentimental as well because of the overall aesthetic enhancement it provides to your house.


List of Northwoods Grills Outdoor Fireplaces

You can choose various outdoor fireplace products from the Northwoods Grills catalog. They come in multiple shapes and sizes:

If you are looking to add an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor living, Northwoods Grills offers 3 brands of outdoor fireplaces to suit your style and budget. 

For traditional taste American Fyre Designs has many options. 

For a more contemporary look Northwoods Grills carries Barbara Jean and Firegear. They both have linear options from 36” up to 72”. You can customize your look with the many options like our log sets to cannon balls, or just leave it simple with colored media glass.

If your looking for a contemporary linear outdoor fireplace, but want it lower to the ground, the Aurora 42” by Marquis is an excellent option. The viewing area can be as low as 7 1/2” above the floor.

Feel free to contact us on the available options. Northwoods Grills (701)729-1991. Free shipping on all orders