7 Reasons To Invest In Cajun Custom Cookers

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From renowned restaurant owners to mobile food business persons to skillful chefs at home, every food preparer is always on a hunt for a smoker and grill to cook their masterpieces. 

If you’re also a wizard of culinary art and looking for the correct spell, then the Cajun custom cooker is your Avada Kedavra to slay the cookout meals. NSF certified Cajun Custom Cookers are especially designed to meet the needs of all culinarians. If you’re looking for reasons to decide whether the smoker is worth an investment or not, keep on reading.

Availability of space isn’t an issue
Multiple mounting hardware helps you mount the smoker on different trailer applications. Even if you don’t have enough space, you have options to mount it either on heavy-duty casters or permanently fix it on concrete slab/patio. 

Withstand Outdoor Condition
The smoker is efficiently designed and constructed to withstand outdoor conditions. Even if you have plans to use a cooker on a commercial scale, the smoker keeps the heat even when the temperature falls below -30F. 

Unique Air Flow Design
Every Cajun Custom Cooker model has a unique airflow design that allows outdoor cooking in every climate. As much as 85% of heat is captured instead of going out of the chimney. This unique design supply optimal airflow, irrespective of the surrounding temperature, and maintain even cook temperature across the entire cooking surface. This is extremely beneficial for those who love to cook but don’t have enough space to keep it indoor. 

Interchangeable Laser Cut
The laser-cut racks are made of stainless steel to last for a lifetime. No matter what type of cooking style you prefer, from meat and fish and to vegetables, there are plenty of interchangeable cooking surfaces. Even you can have a design custom made. 

Patented Fire Box
The efficiently designed patented firebox serves multiple purposes - from starting logs to cooking to hot holding. The side burner doesn’t need another source of heat as it works on the same as the main cook chamber, making it the most efficient smoker in the industry. Besides, it gives you complete control of the temperature and can be used for any size of pans and pots. 

Patented Fire View Window
The fire window allows you to safely view the fire from distance, without risking burns and injuries. Even children can monitor the fire by watching the flames rolls under the heat tuning plates, without opening the firebox door that causes temperature fluctuations. 

Addition of Accessories
To make cooking easier, the smoker allows you to add accessories as per your personal preferences. From Wi-Fi temperature control to electric back up heat, choices of essential accessories are abundant.

Now you know why Cajun Custom Cookers make a great investment. To buy these efficient and safe smokers, explore a wide collection of different sizes on Northwoods Grills.

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