Are you someone who cooks not just for sustenance but also for pleasure? More importantly, do you enjoy cooking while taking in all the gentle and pleasant experiences of outdoor life? Northwoods Grills might have the best oven grill for you. Summerset grills enable you to experience the joy of cooking outside while maintaining the highest product quality and personal service for grill ovens.

Now cook your favorite dishes and organize succulent outdoor BBQ parties while availing the services of premium quality grill ovens. Get to cooking now with Northwoods Grills!

Why Summerset?

Providing a complete set of stainless-steel grills, grills carts, and outdoor kitchen accessories like doors and drawers, the Summerset oven grill is in a league of its own. For over 20 years, Summerset has been the leader in outdoor kitchen manufacturing and services.

Oriented toward utmost customer satisfaction and product quality, Summerset’s versatility in producing products of various designs and requirements is unparalleled. Whether summerset gas grills or summerset professional grills, Northwoods Grills has you covered.

After planning a social event, you don’t have to worry about carrying your food to the patio or yard; you can make the meal on a Summerset grill and consume it outside with your acquaintances.


Benefits of using Summerset

  • With Summerset, you get one of the best outdoor oven grills on the market. They come in various designs, so you can easily choose the one most suited to your needs. The quality of the food cooked in the oven is also top-notch.
  • Summerset oven grills are readily moveable, so you can place them wherever you want to cook. They are also exceedingly easy to clean.
  • The stainless-steel material of the oven offers high quality and makes them superior to products in the market.
  • Very easy to install. There’s an entire customer service dedicated to providing comprehensive knowledge about the functioning of the oven.


Types of Summerset ovens

There are two traditional types of Summerset oven grills:

  • Propane Gas Grill
  • Natural Gas Grill

Some of the most popular oven grills in these categories are:

  • Summerset Alturi
  • Summerset TRL Series
  • Summerset Builder
  • Summerset Sizzler
  • Summerset Sizzler pro


Summerset Features

  • Summerset grill gives you the option to choose from two traditional energy sources. You can use a propane-fueled product version if you don’t have a functioning natural gas pipeline. Most Summerset grills provide you with both options.
  • When it comes to providing a variety of sizes, no other product in the same category can match Summerset. The Summerset product range comes in compact and large sizes without compromising quality.
  • Summerset grills have ample storage capacity. The drawers and cabinets are pristine and easy to use. Stainless steel provides additional unmatched premium quality. What’s more? Summerset grills parts are readily available.
  • If you are a pizza-lover, you can always avail yourself of a pizza through the Summerset outdoor pizza oven! Start making those delicious homemade pizzas for yourself and your family.


Summerset: The leader in outdoor ovens

When it comes to outdoor oven grills, Summerset is the unchallenged leader. Be it quality, design, or size; the focus has been given to every aspect. Start cooking those delicious meals by using a brand-new Summerset oven today!


Our Products

Build your dream outdoor kitchen with Summerset professional grills, island components, fire pits and BBQ accessories. Summerset is known for exceptional build quality, amazing value and personal service. The complete line of Summerset products can be experienced at And don’t forget if you are looking for a little more punch, look at Summerset’s American Muscle Grill line


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