Breeo Zentro Smokeless Firepit

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Breeo has been building smokeless firepits for over 10 years. And after 10 years they are pinnacle in their industry. They have a complete lineup of smokeless firepits to fit your needs. But I want to talk about their Zentro model. 

     What is nice about the Zentro is you can drop it into your own custom built firepit and you have all the benefits of a smokeless firepit. What is smokeless you ask, the Breeo firepits draw the smoke just below the top rim and feeds it back to the bottom to be reburned. 
Note: Keep your flame inside the firepit, because any smoke above the rim will not be abled to be captured to be reburned.

 What I love about the Breeo Zentro is its sturdy and built like a tank and will last a lifetime. The Zentro is available in both round and square models. You can choose between stainless steel or black steel. The Zentro round comes in 2 sizes, 24” and 30” diameter. The square model is currently just available 24”x 24”. The Zentro comes with a 5 and a 1/2” sear rim for cooking.

      Breeo isn’t just about selling smokeless firepits, they are creating a lifestyle. As a Breeo owner you are also encouraged to join 1 of a few Breeo Facebook groups and share your outdoor experiences with your firepit. You can also share tips or ask questions about your Breeo firepit.
     Another great feature about the Breeo Zentro is their cooking accessories.  From their outpost to their kettles and sear plate, they have you covered for outdoor cooking. New for 2022, Breeo came out with a removable sear plate that can be directly placed over the flame  

 This sear plate comes in 3 sizes to fit your Breeo firepit

Feel free to call Northwoods Grills for more information and availablity at (701729-1991

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