5 Benefits of a Freestanding Gas Stove

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Just a quick definition of a freestanding gas stove- A stove used for heating and cooking fueled by gas instead of wood fuel. 
     Wood stoves go back as far as 1557 when they were first patented by the Strasbourg Co. We all love the look and warmth of the old wood stoves. Some of us my have grown up with one or had friends and relatives that used a wood burning stove. I for one loved the smell of the burning wood. Now days we have the option of the look of a wood stove, but fueled by natural gas or propane. 
     Here are 5 benefits of a freestanding gas stove. 
1) The convenience of gas. With just the flip of a switch you have almost instant heat. No more splitting or buying wood to fuel your stove. Then there is the hauling the wood from outside to your stove. No more building a fire and keeping the firebox filled with wood. 

2) Freestanding gas stoves are cleaner. With wood burning stoves you are left with ashes. As I said before, I love the smell of burning wood, but not the leftover ashes. Ashes should be cleaned out daily to maximize the size of the firebox and efficiently.

3) Safty. Freestanding gas stoves don’t have soot built up on the chimney. So no chance of a chimney fire. A gas stove just requires a class B chimney instead of a class A. 

4) Freestanding gas stoves are great for great for rentals. Whether your renting a vacation home or a long term lease, a gas stove less hassle for you and the renter. Let’s just say not all renters are not created equal and the less moving parts the better. 

5) Easier controlling temperature. Most stoves have a high and low setting on the gas output. They are also controlled by a thermostat. No need to continuously adjust the damper for heat adjustment. 

     Here some other benefits of a freestanding gas stove. They are a great addition for supplemental heat or zone heat. Do to the limited BTU output of a freestanding gas stove (around 30k BTUs ). A gas stove would not be sufficient enough to heat today’s standard home in the dead of winter. 
     Just like a wood stove you can cook on it. As our lives have gravitated to the conveniences of modern appliances, there was a time when wood stoves were considered modern and there is some nostalgia to cooking as our former relatives did. But we will leave cooking on a gas or wood stove for another form. 

     If you are looking for more information on freestanding gas stoves Northwoods Grills has 3 to fit any budget. 
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  • It’s great that you emphasized how convenient freestanding gas stoves can be since all we need is to flip a switch to get almost instant heat so we no longer need wood to fuel the stove and build a fire. I am slowly furnishing my newly bought condo unit so I can move in next month, and I still need a gas stove to place inside to use for heating when winter comes later. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a contractor I can get in touch with soon for gas stoves.

    Clare Martin on

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