7 Things to consider when purchasing an under counter refrigerator

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7 Things to consider when purchasing a under counter refrigerator 

We all have a full size refrigerator in our kitchen, but is not always convenient for our busy lifestyle 

1) Where are you putting this unit?

     Under counter or compact refrigerators can be used indoor or outdoors. If you are thinking of putting this unit outdoors then I would recommend a UL approved and one that has a lock on it to keep the honest people out. A non UL approved unit might not handle the outside temperature and humidity swings as well. 
     If you are putting this unit inside then the options are endless. 

2) Is this space a quiet zone?

     Am I putting this unit where noise can be an issue? like a dorm room, bedroom or living area. You might want to consider what type of cooling system is used. Even though these new units are considerably quiet compared to their old counterparts some do still have a slight hum. A compressor cooling system is the least quiet. A quieter option would be absorbion or thermoelectric cooling system. Thermoelectric is the cheapest, but is not the most reliable nor do they offer any temperature control. 

3) What is the temperature in the room?

     What is the temperature of the room you are putting this under counter refrigerator going to be? In the house or office with controlled climates room temperature is pretty consistent,but if the room temperature exceeds 77 degrees F ( a garage, shop or covered patio) then thermoelectric cooling system tend to struggle with maintaining a consistent temperature. 

4) Do I have an adequate  power supply?

     Do I have an outlet close by? Most of these units will run fine off a 15 amp outlet, but if you don’t have a designated circuit for the unit then a would recommend a 20 amp circuit if one is available.

5) What am I keeping cool?

     Many of these refrigerators have a glass door option, but do I really want people to be looking at my leftovers. Glass doors also do not offer any door storage. If you are cooling wine then there are wine coolers that are specifically designed for wine preservation. Other door options are steel/ plastic with a laminated coating. This option is the least expensive. Stainless steel is also available for a higher end look. Newair does have glass doors in black and stainless steel frames. 

6) Think about the room setting.

     Is this unit going to be sitting out in the open or hidden inside a cabinet? If your compact refrigerator is going to be out in the open on display then there are many 

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