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Outdoor kitchens have been popular for quite a few years now and outdoor kitchens continue to add endless options. Before, you started with a grill and a double door underneath and maybe add a side burner. Now you can add any size door, multiple drawers, upper cabinets, grill hoods, and full bar setups. Not to mention sinks and refrigeration, Ice makers and kegerators. Outdoor kitchens are only limited to your imagination, space and budget. 
     So if you’re thinking of or in the process of building or designing an outdoor kitchen, you are going to need cabinets. And your cabinets need to be resistant from the weather and outdoor elements. Your best option for material is stainless steel, marine grade polymer, and teak. 
     Let’s break down what your best option is for outdoor kitchen cabinets. 
Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is by far the most superior. Stainless steel is heat resistant, corrosion resistant, rust resistant, and low maintenance. But not all stainless steel is created equal. Make sure you choose 304 stainless steel. Other stainless may not be as corrosion resistant and structurally ridgid. 

     If your choosing stainless steel cabinets you have 2 options. Fully Inclosed box cabinet units. They would assemble similar to interior kitchen cabinets. And face mount cabinets. They would slide into an opening and would have a trimmed edge to give it a finished look. If you want a wood look,  it with the benefits of a stainless steel cabinet then we recommend Summerset. Summerset has a cabinet with a wood insert. 
     Marine Grade Polymer- Marine grade polymer in an industrial grade poly/ plastic that is fade resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant. The cabinets come box style like interior kitchens cabinets. Marine grade polymer cabinets come in a variety of colors and door patterns. 
     Teak- Teak is very durable to the outside elements. Teak is a tropical hardwood used in building outdoor furniture and boat decks. If you are looking for a classic look to your outdoor kitchen then teak delivers. Teak will require maintenance to keep its youthful appearance. Teak cabinets are usually built by a local fabricator. 

Click here for more information on Stainless Steel cabinets 

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  • Thanks so much for talking about the different materials for outdoor kitchens. My parents are remodeling their backyard and want to put in a kitchen. We’ll have to consider the stainless steel potions for their versatility.

    Jessie Holloway on
  • We want to build an outdoor kitchen on our house’s patio this month, so we can host awesome BBQ summer parties. It’s great that you explained why it’s important to choose a weather-resistant material for your outdoor kitchen cabinets, so we’ll definitely keep it in mind. My wife and I appreciate your tips on how to design a long-lasting outdoor kitchen.

    Eli Richardson on

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