7 Primo Grill Accessories You Should Always Use

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Chefs, cooks, and homemakers love grilling. The savory, smoky taste of foods cooked over an open flame is difficult to resist. Whether you plan to roast your ribs, bake your potatoes, or even fry an egg, a good grill will ever save the day. But is it possible to achieve everything with one grill? Various grill accessories can make your grilling experience much better.

This post addresses seven must-have accessories for your Primo grill. They will help you make your cooking easy and more fun. Before picking the accessories you need, consider what types of food you love to prepare. Also, determine the size of your family or party. Besides, think about your budget.

These seven accessories will make your kitchen complete and will save you time. You can use them to prepare any food type -meat, vegetables, or desserts.


1. A Set of Tongs

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Tongs are mandatory primo grill accessories for any grill master. This kitchen tool comes in different sizes and shapes and helps you flip and rotate your food without piercing it. Some have long handles, while others are shorter. The length of the tongs determines how hot they will get. Choose tongs with longer handles to avoid burns from hot grill grates.

Also, the pair of tongs you select should have scalloped or serrated edges. This feature will help you grip your food better without tearing it. Inspect the handles of the tongs to see if they are heat-resistant. This quality is essential, especially if you intend to use the tongs on hot coals. 

The material used to make tongs is also critical. Stainless steel tongs are the best as they do not rust and are easy to clean. However, they can get hot fast. Heat-resistant gloves are necessary when using them. Ceramic-coated tongs are also a good option, as they do not rust and can withstand high temperatures.

Never use plastic tongs on a hot grill, as they will melt. Also, avoid using wooden tongs as they can catch fire. Other materials you may find in the market include aluminum and silicone. They are not as durable as stainless steel but can still get the job done.

Consider your budget as a secondary factor when picking tongs. The best quality tongs are usually costly. However, you can find a good pair at an affordable price if you are patient enough to look. But ensure the tongs you select can last long and perform all the functions you need.


2. Firebox Divider

Lighting a primo grill requires patience and precision. You need to get the perfect amount of heat for your food without setting the entire place on fire. For instance, you only need a small fire when frying some eggs. Grilling steak and baking requires more heat, which would prompt you to light a bigger fire.

A firebox divider helps you control the size of your fire. It also allows you to use different types of fuel without mixing them. For instance, you can use charcoal on one side and wood on the other. That gives you the flexibility to change your mind while cooking without emptying the entire dark wood fireplace.

Also, two fire sets can help you cook different food types concurrently. For instance, you can use one for grilling your steak and the other for baking potatoes. That way, you can save time and energy. Do you prefer smoked ribs, while others opt for grilled ones? No problem. You can have both with a firebox divider.

Cast iron is the most popular firebox divider material. It is durable, conducts heat well, and can last for years if well-seasoned and maintained. Unlike other materials, cast iron does not break down under high temperatures. That means you can use it on a hot grill without fear of damaging it. You can even use it on a campfire without worrying about it melting.


3. Primo Quick Lights


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How do you start your campfires? Do you carry a large box of matches or a lighter? Everyone has a taste, and there is no wrong way of lighting a primo grill. However, some methods are more convenient than others, especially when you want to save time. For example, it is impractical to start running around the campsite looking for sticks and dry leaves when all you need is a few pieces of fire starters.

Or are you planning to start asking fellow campers for a light? That would be an embarrassment, especially if they all have their lighters or matches with them. The best way to avoid such situations is by preparing yourself adequately. Know that you are going camping and carry all the necessary things, including a lighter or matches.

Alternatively, you can use Primo quick lights. This accessory comprises 24 matchsticks designed for your grill. The best reason for going with branded items is that you can be sure of their quality. Also, they are easy to use as all you need is a single strike on a hard surface, and the matchstick will light up.

Maintaining consistency with your gear is a taste of pride for some campers. If you are one of them, consider using Primo quick lights as they come in an elegant tin case. But ensure you do not store them in a damp place as that would damage the matchsticks.


4. Drip Pans


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Your savory food juices should not fall on the ground and create a mess. That would be frustrating, especially if you had just lit the grill and were waiting for it to heat up. A simple solution to such a problem is using drip pans. The significant advantage of this accessory is that it is multipurpose. For instance, you can use drip pans to hold your food when grilling hot dogs and sausages.

While cooking, place your drip pans beneath the grates to catch the falling juices. That way, you can use that tasty juice for other purposes, such as making gravy or sauce. You can add water to create steam to enhance flavor and moisten your food. That is vital when grilling or smoking tough cuts of meat such as brisket.

The most popular drip pan materials are aluminum and steel. Both are durable and conduct heat efficiently. However, aluminum is a better conductor of heat than steel. That means it will heat up more quickly and cool down quickly, which is vital when grilling delicate foods like fish. Also, it is light, making it easy to carry around.

On the other hand, steel is heavy and tends to retain heat for longer. That is efficient when preparing bulky cuts of meat that require long cooking times. The size of your drip pans will vary depending on the size of your grill. Pick one that matches your Primo grill.


5. Heat Deflector Plates

You may not want to roast or grill your food. Baking is an excellent alternative, especially when preparing bigger cuts of meat, such as whole chicken or turkey. The significant advantage of baking is that it uses indirect heat, which is more gentle and less likely to dry out your food. It is a slow cooking process. You can leave your food in the oven for several hours without worrying about it burning.

The deflector plates work together with heat deflector racks to channel heat around the food. They also convert your grill into a smoker or roaster. All these methods make your cooking more versatile. You can enjoy the foods you want by adjusting the grill's abilities and heat. The accessories fit all Primo and summerset grills, making them a valuable investment.

These accessories block direct heat from the fire, protecting your food. You will use the rack to hold the plates (or stones, as other grill manufacturers call them). It creates an indirect setup that separates the cooking chambers, allowing you to control the heat better.

These plates are made from ceramic. They come in pairs, and they are D-shaped. After setting them on their racks, you should load your AOG grills with wood and coal. The plates will reflect heat around the food, cooking it evenly on all sides. Also, they will absorb moisture, which is essential in smoking as it prevents the formation of creosote. The increased surface area also allows more smoke to pass around the food.


6. Multi-Purpose Round Rack

Reducing the number of accessories, you buy can make your cooking more convenient. This round rack can help you save on your storage space, care for more accessories, and some money. The rack is specially designed to fit all Primo Kamado grills. It is stainless steel coated with porcelain, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The rack is versatile, as you can use it for different purposes when grilling.

When used directly, it extends your cooking rack. If your main rack is full, you can use the round rack as an extension. That way, you can cook more food at once, which is ideal when entertaining a large group or cooking for a party. The rack is also useful when indirect grilling. Place it on top of the heat deflector plates to create more space between the food and the fire. That is vital when smoking to prevent food from burning. You never want to worry about the fire burning your cut when grilling.

The round rack is also an excellent drip pan substitute. You only need to invert it upside-down. Place it under the food you are grilling to catch drippings and prevent them from reaching the fire. That way, you can avoid flare-ups. The pan is also excellent for baking as it captures moisture, keeping your food moist and juicy.


7. Chicken and Turkey Sitters

Preparing chicken for your family requires a unique approach compared to grilling ribs for the party. The chicken sitters help you cook poultry perfectly every time. Your children or friends will love that juicy and delicious turkey. You never need to cut it into pieces when cooking or prepare it on the side. The chicken sitters can hold an entire chicken or turkey on the grill, saving you time and energy.

The accessories are among the must-haves for any Primo grill owner who loves chicken. The set includes two sitters made of ceramic - one for chicken and the other for turkey, owing to their size differences. They have a unique design that helps stabilize your poultry as it cooks. Set it on the grill, and it will sit upright, allowing you to cook it evenly on all sides.

The advantage of using this accessory to cook your turkey is the ability to add flavor. You can stuff the bird with your favorite herbs and spices before cooking. The sitter will hold it, ensuring the flavorings do not spill or drop out. Even better, the sitter will also collect juices as it cooks. You can use the juices to baste the bird or create a delicious gravy. The juices are also an excellent way of adding flavor to other food on the grill, such as vegetables.


Summing Up

Grills make cooking outdoors fun and versatile. You can set the Primo grill in your backyard or an outdoor kitchen, take it on a camping trip, or set it up during a tailgate party. It will help you prepare various foodstuffs and cook with many methods, including roasting, grilling, smoking, and baking. Various accessories make the experience even better, allowing you to cook different foods perfectly. The accessories also save you time and energy while grilling.

Heat deflector plates, a multipurpose round rack, chicken and turkey sitters, and a firebox divider are significant accessories. All these will help you save fuel, prevent food from burning, and make your cooking more fun. You can also use them to prepare several food items or cook different types of food. The accessories make it possible to indirectly grill, roast, bake, and smoke on your Primo Kamado grill.

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