Cajun Custom Cookers

Cajun Custom Cookers specialize in competition and professional smokers. Complete your luxury backyard, restaurant, or catering business with a cajun custom cooker. The cajun cookers for sale at Northwoods Grills are all NSF-certified smokers designed for professional cooks who want to impress. Our cajun custom cookers can take your food truck business, catering company, or restaurant to great heights thanks to their stainless steel surfaces, ergonomic design, and heavy-duty construction, which will last a lifetime.

The cajun cookers come with an optimized airflow design to capture 85 percent of the heat during cooking. The revolutionary airflow design of the cajun custom cooker delivers the industry's cleanest and most efficient burn while ensuring that none of the flavors are lost. A clean burn is essential to eliminate creosote formation on your food, as creosote makes people ill when consumed. Besides being safe and efficient, these smokers are designed to create an optimal heat control environment and deliver maximum flavor with an even cooking temperature across your cooking surface so that your dishes are nothing but exceptional.

The cajun custom cooker is the most efficient smoker on the market. The smoker comes with high temp door seals for top efficiency and is the steadiest cooker chamber appliance in the industry. An H20 steam system holds food juicy and tender during long hours of cooking, while its instant fire suppression and positive pressure venting make the cajun smoker the safest smoker in town. The cajun custom cooker is more than a summer cooker. The smoker is guaranteed to work all year round to a temperature of -30F.

Their revolutionary design also makes these smokers the most efficient in the industry, as they cost less to operate than any other brand and require less fuel. Stun your clients with those deep smoky notes of meat grilled on one of the cajun custom cookers. Find the smoker that suits your backyard or business and customize it to serve your needs. All smokers can be ordered on a trailer or with a cart. A rib rack and griddle are included, as is a digital WIFI controller. Control over 100 features from your phone to create unique flavors when smoking your meat.

The cajun cookers also come with an umbrella canopy to display your logo if you take your smoker on the road. Customizing your cajun cooker is our pleasure. You can choose from a range of racks, the aesthetic design options available, and the ergonomically designed handles which can be height mounted according to your specifications.