How to Barbeque Like a Pro with Bonfire Grills?

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Summer is not complete without the delicious aroma of barbecues wafting across backyards. From meat to chicken and seafood, backyard cookouts make it necessary to have a reliable grill.

backyard cookouts with bonfire grills

Think grilled chicken breasts and wings, grilled ribs, or pork tenderloin. Combine these with grilled vegetables and sides, and that's a whole meal from a grill. Even if you want something meatless, a grill can deliver too. Try out incredibly appetizing vegan recipes such as these yummy grilled tofu skewers.

Beyond delicious summer meals, your grill should be an extension of your kitchen oven, where you can make pizza, pies, casseroles, and brownies. With a grill, you can transform your yard into a second kitchen. From gas grills to achieve that perfect hot dog to smoker grills to sear your briskets, a high-quality grill can offer something for everyone. However, the grill's quality will determine whether your barbeque is a hit or miss.

And that's where Bonfire grills get you covered.

What You Should Know about Bonfire Grills?

Things you should know about bonfire grills

Bonfire specializes in manufacturing well-crafted, high-quality barbecue grills. One aim of Bonfire is to satisfy every buyer's grilling experience. These exquisite grills bring people together to celebrate life.

Launched in 2014, Bonfire produces a selection of high-performance grills like other premium grills such as Memphis grills.  To bring your kitchen dreams to life. A significant highlight of Bonfire is the Premium Grills Series offering all the features of the higher-end luxury grill brands, including heavy-duty construction.

In addition to inbuilt grills, Bonfire offers side burners to expand your outdoor kitchen. You can create sauces, boil a pot of water or even steam potatoes without leaving your backyard.

What's more? Bonfire barbecue provides a lifetime warranty for its cooking grids, burners, and housings.

Are Bonfire Grills Worth It?

buy bonfire grills, they are worth it

When shopping for grills, quality is a priority, whether it's a drop in grill or built-in. Bonfire uses laser cutting technology and high gauge 304 stainless steel so that your grill is durable for outdoor use but also premium in appearance to add class to your outdoor kitchen. This attention to detail in production has made Bonfire well-known like other premium grills such as Memphis grills.

The top features of Bonfire grills include a 304 stainless steel heat divider, fully welded firebox, 304 stainless cooking grate, control panel, polished edge hood, and ceramic infrared burner.

Top Bonfire Grills to Consider:

top 4 bonfire grills to consider and use them

1. Bonfire Black 4

The Black 4 is part of the Bonfire Black Series built from 304 Stainless Steel. Featuring vacuum-plated black coating over Stainless Steel, these grills resist fingerprints and smudges. The result is an easy-to-clean surface that looks great. This Bonfire barbecue grilll provides the ultimate performance for a top-notch grilling experience and is backed by Bonfire's lifetime warranty. You get heavy-duty construction and all the features of premium luxury grill brands.


  • Double interior halogen.lights
  • Double wall round hood
  • Cast stainless steel burners
  • Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel
  • 34-inch built-in natural gas grill

2. Bonfire 4 Cart

Featuring a cart design and boasting 72,000 BTUs with a 12,000 BTU infrared rear burner, this propane gas grill fits into outdoor kitchen countertops. The fully welded firebox in the inner chamber helps maintain temperature. The 304 stainless steel cooking grate with space in between allows perfect searing. It also features a polished edge hood and control panel, providing a touch of luxury. And the shiny blue LED lights complement your outdoor kitchen setup. To amplify the healing process, the Bonfire 4 Cart ceramic rear burner for even temperature.


  • High gauge 304 Stainless Steel cooking grates for durability in outdoor use
  • Four cast Stainless Steel burners and an infrared burner deliver 72,000 BTUs in total
  • Double layer hood
  • Flame thrower ignition

3. Bonfire Single Side Burner

A side burner is a solution when you have to prepare vegetable sauces and other small foods you don't want to make on your main grill. This Bonfire single side burner features a single cast brass burner producing 12,000 BTU with 304-grade stainless steel construction for durability and a premium look.

Thanks to the included natural gas conversion kit, you can power it with gas and propane. This side burner also comes in a double side model for those looking for more cooking space for their BBQ.


  • Single drop-in side burner incorporates seamlessly with Bonfire kitchen countertop gas grills
  • Up to 12,000 BTUs of heating power for quick cooking
  • Cast brass burner is useful for side dishes
  • Durable 30–grade stainless steel to stand up to outdoor use

4. Bonfire 500 Prime Black Series

This high-end grill features zone dividers to regulate different temperatures. The Bonfire Prime 500 helps deliver perfect searing. And the five-cast stainless steel burners combine with an infrared back burner for 87,000 BTU of grilling power. Other premium features include halogen lighting, decorative LED control panel lights, and an elegant finish. The polished edges add shine and luster, and it comes with a rotisserie kit, smoker box, and of course, Bonfire's lifetime warranty.


  • 42-inch five-burner grill
  • Heavy gauge 304 stainless construction
  • Temperature dividers
  • Cast stainless steel burners
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Heavy-duty smoker box
  • Removable drip pan
  • Halogen interior lights

5. Bonfire 3

This 28-inch Bonfire 3 grill offers all the classic features of its larger counterpart—the Bonfire 4. This includes premium 304 stainless steel, control panel LEDs, cooking surface halogens, and cast stainless burners.

The propane gas is designed for use with an outdoor kitchen countertop and comes with three cast stainless steel burners and cooking grates for even cooking. Users can expect top-notch grilling thanks to a total of 45,000 BTUs capacity. The blue LED control panel lights, and halogens ensure you have enough lighting when having a barbecue at night.


  • 304 stainless heat divider helps cook multiple dishes at different temperatures
  • A completely welded firebox prevents oil leakage from the side while maintaining an even temperature
  • Stainless cooking grate made of 304 stainless steel with space in between
  • Stylish edge hood polished for a luxurious look
  • Ceramic infrared rear burner

How to Do BBQ Like a Pro?

BBQ basics or how to do BBQ

If you're new to the grilling game, getting some tips besides knowing BBQ basics like how to do BBQ or how to make a grill is essential. The following tips will help you grill like a pro:

Use the Right Fuel

Fuel power for BBQ grill fire includes propane, charcoal, pellet, or electric. Another commonly used fuel is natural gas—hook the grill to your home's natural gas supply. For DIY open fire grills, you'll likely use charcoal or wood pellets.

The fuel you use while grilling can dramatically affect the flavor, whether firewood grill, gas, or propane. For instance, if you're using a charcoal grill, your best bet is a fuel made from high-quality hardwoods, such as lump wood charcoal. Wood fire grills can improve the flavor by adding different chunks of hardwood, depending on the taste you want to achieve. Check your local store's barbecue section to choose a range of woods for BBQ grill fire. Hickory, beech, oak, and applewood are all great options for that smoky flavor in barbecues.

Use Direct Heat Only When Necessary

how to make a grill essential, DIY open fire grill

One of the BBQ basics to know is, not all foods benefit from direct heat. Some need direct heat to cook, while some will cook perfectly with indirect heat. Use direct heat if the food takes lesser time to cook; if it takes longer, use indirect heat. Meat like pork, lamb, and beef needs direct heat to boil. The same applies to vegetarian options like peppers and thick-cut eggplant.

However, you should place delicate vegetables, chicken, and fish aside. Grill whole chickens indirectly, but smaller pieces like breasts and thighs should be grilled directly. This will help ensure you get juicy barbecue.

Season Generously

The importance of seasoning cannot be overemphasized in grilling. Seasoning plays a significant role in how great your food tastes. Ensure you run the meat in enough salt, oil, pepper, and dry rubs if needed. Being generous with your seasoning will boost your barbecues' taste. However, add sauce only when your meats have nearly finished cooking.

Use a Grill Pan instead of a Skewer

Another essential of the BBQ basics is to cook veggies in large batches in a grill pan. Not only is this quicker than skewering all of them, but it will prevent delicate food such as chopped veggies and shrimp from falling through the cooking grate. Great, the basket. Suppose you haven't marinated your food, toss it in an oil mixture to help prevent sticking.

Set Up an Organized Cooking Space

Before starting your BBQ, you might want to keep the work area organized with every tool. Depending on your food, you need a spatula or fork, tongs, and a brush. Popularly known as 'mise en place' by professional chefs, this philosophy of a well-arranged cooking area sets your grill up for success. You won't have to leave your grill to fetch cooking utensils when you start cooking.


In addition, prep your grill to ensure it's hot. However, it shouldn't be too hot. For a charcoal grill or DIY open fire grill, light it early so the flames have enough time to die down before you start cooking. The rule is to ensure you burn the charcoal until it's coated in white ash. On the other hand, a gas grill needs to be at the right temperature. Season the meat well when you're about to start. And keep your seasoning and sauces nearby.

Make Your Grater Non-stick with the Potato Trick

Having your food stick to the grill's surface can be frustrating. This grilling hack from CNET will help keep those lean meats from sticking. Start by heating the grill to your desired temperature. Then slice a potato in half and skewer the end of the potato with a two-prong meat fork. This should leave the inside of the potato exposed. Next, lift the grill's lid and rub the exposed center of the potato on the grate, covering the entire cooking surface.

Though you can use nonstick spray instead, it might leave a sticky residue behind. This potato method releases the starches in the potato to create a barrier between the food and the grates.

Ensure Your Steak Is in Room Temperature

Avoid cooking your steak directly out of the freezer. According to Food Network, you should take your steak out of the fridge for at least 20 minutes before grilling. This helps ensure the meat reaches room temperature and cooks evenly. Warming it up is essential for grilling a good steak.

How to Buy the Best Bonfire Grill?

best bonfire grill you should buy

The Bonfire BBQ model you should purchase should depend on many factors, including the available space, your experience behind the barbecue, the flavors you want in your food, and the time you'd like to speed on cooking.

If you're shopping for a grill, it's either because you want to upgrade your kitchen or just setting up your outdoor kitchen. If you already own a grill but want to upgrade it, a grill with a side burner. This relatively new feature on grills allows you to heat food and simmer veggies without leaving your barbecue unattended in the yard.

In addition, since your grill is the centerpiece of your yard, you want to go for a model that will complement your outdoor living in general.

What Type of Grill Is the Best for You?

Each fuel type—gas, charcoal, propane, pellet—has advantages. Gas or propane is super convenient since you can turn the burners on to start the grill. Both save you the hassle of preparing charcoal, and you'll get fast fire, which makes them ideal for last-minute meal prep.

Gas and propane grills are popular due to the convenience they provide. They are often much easier to control the temperature of a gas grill than other grills. In addition, most models feature multiple burner heat settings and built-in temperature gauges to provide precise heating for different types of food.

Charcoal is for those who want smoky favor and don't mind a little prep work. Besides, charcoal grills are super affordable, giving you greater control over the amount of heat. On the other hand, wood fire grills that use wood pellets let you experiment with wood chips designed to impart added flavors to improve the cooking taste.

In Conclusion

To make those scrumptious backyard summer delicacies, you need a grill that can deliver. And with the numerous brands available on the market, it can be a challenge to pick a grill that not only possesses the cooking might but serves as a centerpiece of your backyard. Bonfire BBQ grills offer premium features that lets you BBQ like a pro while enhancing your outdoor kitchen experience and summer fun.


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