The Smokeless Fire Pit: A Buyer's Guide

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Fire pits provide a way to enjoy your backyard during winter. It's also great for other seasons and makes a nice get-together place for roasting marshmallows or weenies and sharing stories with friends and family.

Besides the warmth it provides, a fire pit can be a way to chase away boredom at a gathering. It sparks interesting discussions and is a perfect place to share spooky stories.

When buying a fire pit, choosing between smokeless and traditional fire pits is sometimes confusing. Are smokeless fire pits really smokeless? How do they work? Are they worth it?

This guide will provide all the details on the features to look out for and how to choose the best smokeless fire pit.

What Is a Smokeless Fire Pit?

smokeless fire pit

These odorless fire pits have all the features of a traditional fire pit—but without the smoke and soot. Smokeless fire pits are not entirely smokeless. However, they reduce the amount of smoke and burn more efficiently. A smokeless fire pit burns solid fuel, such as charcoal, wood pellets, or firewood. If you're the outdoorsy type, you can avoid the frustration of wind blowing smoke around with a smokeless fire pit. Alternatively, you can update the old stone fire pit with a smokeless fire pit insert. This is an innovative way to enjoy a campfire while improving your home's outdoor aesthetic.

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit Brands include:

  • Bonfire grills
  • Memphis grills
  • Breeo smokeless fire pit
  • Summerset grills
  • Zentro smokeless fire pit

Smokeless Fire Pit: How Does It Work?

This is one of the top questions when considering a fire pit. Smokeless fire pit- How does it work? It features a unique design to produce heat while burning the fuel twice when it goes into the double-walled chamber and exits the fire pit. This ensures minimal smoke and soot.

Is a Smokeless Fire Pit Worth It?

smokeless fire pit burns less fuel

Smokeless fire pits are an excellent idea for homeowners who want to reduce the amount of fuel they use in their fire pits and how much smoke they create. In particular, they are ideal for those living in an area where the fire pit smoke could affect others nearby.

Despite the lack of smoke, smoke fire pits do produce heat. The fire it provides is real and has just as many benefits and dangers as a traditional fire pit.

Besides the smokeless aspect, smokeless fire pits provide other advantages:

1. Burns Less Fuel

Fuel efficiency is a significant benefit of smokeless fire pits. Instead of releasing oxygen, they redirect air towards the fire. This helps ensure a longer burning time, which can save fuel.

2. Health Friendly

While sitting around a fire with friends is nice, breathing in soot-filled smoke may pose health hazards. According to the USEPA, microscopic particles from smoke may cause burning eyes, a runny nose, and other illnesses. Besides, anyone suffering from a respiratory disease will have difficulty enjoying themselves around a smoky fire. The lack of smoke from these pits no doubt makes them user-friendly.

3. Saves Fuel Cost

Compared to traditional pits, smokeless fire pits cost more initially. However, since smokeless fire pits burn less wood, fuel usage will make it worth your investment in the long run. In addition, you can add a smokeless fire pit insert to your pit. This will help ensure durability and long-term use, so you won't have to change your fire pit frequently.

smokeless fire pit insert saves fuel cost

4. Minimal Odor

One of the unexciting aspects of standard fire pits is the smell of smoke on one's clothing and personal items. Smokeless pits provide a solution to this by trapping smoke inside their walls. Besides, you can burn it closer to your house since the smoke won't get inside. However, you should still practice all safety procedures by ensuring the fire pit is not close to any structures.

5. Environment Friendly

A top advantage of a smokeless fire pit is minimizing the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon. The design provides extra oxygen, resulting in less accumulation of harmful environmental particles. As a result, you can drastically reduce air pollution since you won't release nearly as much smoke into the air.

What Are the Types of Smokeless Fire Grills?

what are the types of smokeless fire pit grills?

When it comes to smokeless fire pits, there are a few options. The most common are charcoal, wood, and propane. For instance, those who wish for the full premium backyard fire experience can go for a wood-burning pit such as the Breeo smokeless fire pit X Series 19. Propane pits also deliver a toasty fire and are as common as wood. The style, size, and fuel options you want will determine your choice.

On the other hand, charcoal fires are generally safer as they do not have the same danger of sparks burning debris flying around on a windy day. Charcoal is also ideal when you want to cook on your fire.

You can choose from a variety of available styles:

A. Fire Bowl Shaped

The dramatic bowl-shaped designs of these smoker fire pits give them an attractive glided look. They come in different materials and can be elegant patio pieces. And unlike fire tables, you can move them seamlessly anywhere in your yard. Fire bowls come in different sizes, and some designs may have legs. They offer other fuel options, including propane, natural gas, or wood.

B. Fire-Table Shaped Smoker Fire Pit

Popularly used on patches or lanais, fire tables combine a fire pit with counter space for placing items. The space can also serve as seating for family and friends to enjoy the warmth of some barbeque and wine. They can be beautiful centerpieces to compliment your outdoor furniture.

C. Fire Columns

These fire pit designs come in a tall and slim profile. Fire columns can also be square or rectangular-shaped. They have an extended burn time, depending on the size of your tank. You can also fuel them with propane.

What to Consider When Buying a Smokeless Fire Grill?

things to consider while purchasing a smokeless fire pit insert

Considering one that produces minimal smoke is essential when buying a smokeless fire pit. It should also feature a beautiful design and be easy to clean. Most significantly, it should serve your purpose.

Other aspects to consider include:

1. Style

From basic metal bowls to elaborate, there are diverse styles from various manufacturers. Examples are square models resembling low tables with space to set a drink or plate. You can also go for multi-level and multifunctional units that combine fire pits and beverage coolers. Some designs come with a grill for your roasted delicacies. You can also complete your outdoor space dreams by adding a premium grill from top outdoor kitchen brands, such as Bonfire grills, Memphis grills, or Summerset grills.

2. Wood-Burning Laws

Before you purchase any fire pit, check your homeowner's association, city, or county for restrictions about outdoor fire pits. One of the most common rules is that you can't use wood-burning fire pits on covered porches. Using them under low branches or in windy areas is also not advisable. Check if your smokeless fire pit meets all the specifications for use in your location. Some regions have fire pit laws or impose fines for violations.

3. Material

Another aspect to consider when buying a fire pit is durability. Opting for a long-lasting material that will give you value for your money is essential. Cast iron is a solid and heavy choice, while cast aluminum is less likely to rust.

4. Location

Where you'll use the fire pit can also determine the type you'll get. Generally, it would be best if you did not use fire pits indoors, according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA).

Other places where you shouldn't use the pit include:

  • On a wooden deck
  • Too close to your house or another structure
  • On the lawn
  • Under an overhang
  • Anything that could easily catch fire

In addition, check local regulations concerning the placement of a fire pit or fireplace. The requirements may dictate the location of a backyard pit and influence the type you'll purchase.

5. Fuel Type

Propane and natural fire pits are ideal for open porches with overhead roofs. They are generally neater, with no pile of wood, ashes, debris, or smoke to deal with. However, a wood-burning pit might be suitable if you love the sound of a crackling fire and an aroma that will linger on your clothes and hair.

6. Permanent or Portable

Do you want something you can effortlessly move and take along for outdoor activities such as camping? Or do you prefer custom-built as a permanent fixture in your yard? A  model is easy to move whenever a crowd gathers, while a larger model can be for permanent fixtures.

Top Picks for Smokeless Fire Pits

types of smokeless fire pit insert

Below are some top options if you're looking for the best smokeless fire pit on the market:

A. Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

With its high-end design and smokeless experience, the Breeo smokeless fire pit revolutionizes your garden. The fire pit's attractive and striking elements will elevate any outdoor space while preserving Breeo's renowned durability and smokeless efficiency.

Features of the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

  • An outpost kettle hook
  • Smokeless fire pit insert
  • Ash shovel
  • Spark screen

Where to buy the Breeo smokeless fire pit: Your best bet is a trusted distributor of premium outdoor kitchen equipment. You can also complete your outdoor home setup with drop-in grills and other out kitchen equipment from trusted brands such as Memphis grills, Summerset grills, and Bonfire grills.

B. Zentro Smokeless Fire Pit:

Zentro smokeless fire pit incorporates a smoke re-burning technology, which minimizes unpleasant smoke when camping or sharing stories outside. The Zentro fire pits design fits into any new patio, paver, stone fire pit, or existing paver.

Features of the Zentro Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Meat probe
  • Grill cover
  • A drop-in griddle
  • A hot air fire starter

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Smokeless Fire Pit

A clean fire pit contributes to your garden's classy and unique appearance. You can have an active evening around a fire pit with your friends or family while doing a campfire by maintaining a smokeless fire pit.

However, you need to be careful around a fire pit. Follow the safety tips mentioned below for a fantastic experience-

  • When lighting up your pit, make sure to step back. It's great if there aren't any trees, shrubs, or grass in the area where you'll be creating the fire to prevent sparks from flying off and igniting flames elsewhere.
  • You'll need gloves, safety glasses to protect your hands from the fire, and a face mask if you use reclaimed wood ash. Take care not to inhale any particle of dust that the wind may have stirred up.
  • If you're using an old stainless steel can, open it up and cut away any sharp edges. If there are any remaining rusty areas on your can, sandpaper them using medium grit abrasive.

If you want your fire pit to serve you for a long time, you must maintain it properly. Some maintenance tips for a smokeless fire pit are:

  • Keep the grates clean to ensure optimal combustion.
  • Place your lid over the pit to keep it clean until the next party.
  • Inspect the gas line connectors to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Clean the pit's flat surfaces with warm water mixed with soap.
  • If your copper pit has undergone the varnish treatment, you can remove dust from the metal body using warm water combined with soap and a soft cloth.
  • Clean the fire pit with soap and water after spraying it with a hose.
  • Clean away any debris and ash from your fire pit basin.

Final Thoughts

Smokeless fire pits are an excellent solution for homeowners who wish to limit the fuel used in their fire pits and the amount of smoke produced. Besides, smokeless fire pit inserts can upgrade your outdoor scenery. Keep in mind that a fire pit can be a focal point of your backyard. When considering a smokeless model, consider crucial factors such as style, size, and durability.

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