Why Do You Need A Drop In Grill For Your Outdoor Kitchen?

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Are you planning to build an outdoor kitchen? If the answer is positive, you must look for various appliances you might need for this space.

Among all the equipment, the grill is the essential one. It is the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Without it, you can't imagine an outdoor kitchen or hosting an outdoor party.

But now you must be wondering what type of grill you should choose. There are two major types of grills – Freestanding Grill and Drop in grill, available in the market and generally used. The freestanding grill is perfect for outdoor cooking, but when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen, a drop in grill is the best choice. They are permanently installed on the deck of an outdoor kitchen setup and can't be removed without demolishing the entire deck with built in grill.


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Drop in grills as a part of your outdoor kitchen enhances the look of your deck built in grill and offers you varied flexibility and benefits. Moreover, having a drop in grill station on deck adds charm to your thrilling outdoor party in your backyard and allows you to host more than the average guest without worrying about cooking for them.

Besides this, there are numerous other benefits of using a drop in grill built into deck. A few of them are listed below. These benefits will help answer your question, "Why do I need a Drop in grill for my outdoor kitchen?"


1. Made of High-Quality Material


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When it comes to using a grill for outdoor cooking, the quality of the material used to make the grill is of prime importance. Material quality decides the grill's longevity, performance, and weather-resistant capacity. The better the quality of the material, the better the grill's performance.

Among all built in grill on deck, the drop in grill is the one that is on par with all these factors.

Drop in grill is made of high-quality grade steel or porcelain enameled cast iron, which enables it to last for at least 10 years. Also, unlike their lower-quality counterparts, drop-in grills require less service and come with grates that deliver powerful performance.

Moreover, as the quality of the material is good, drop in grills retain and distribute heat throughout the grilling space. As the heat is evenly spread, it helps with better cooking and enhances the flavor of your delicious meals.

Apart from the afore-mentioned benefit of quality material, drop in grill can also withstand constant use and harsh weather throughout the year. As you start using drop in grill, you will soon realize the importance of high-quality material for an appliance that is used in outdoor cooking.


2. Has High Heat Retention and Power Capacity


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Besides longevity, the efficient performance of the drop in BBQ grills (Barbeque) is another reason to consider it for your outdoor kitchen. Due to their high heat retention and power capacity, drop in grill perform significantly in outdoors. As the power capacity of the drop in grill is higher, it generates a greater temperature range, giving you more flexibility for cooking many meals or snacks. Moreover, with greater temperature, it heats up quickly, saving you time and energy.

The main reason behind the higher power of a drop in grill is its ability to accommodate multiple burners as they have a large cooking area. But this power capacity would be useless if the drop in grill did not have a high heat retention capacity. As the drop in grill is made of high-quality steel, you won't find any leakages for air, and it doesn't lose any heat.


3. Comes with Porcelain Cooking Grates


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One of the best things about the drop in grills is their porcelain cooking grates, which help them to perform excellently. These cooking grates are coated with porcelain enamel, which protects them from rust or wear due to continuous heat exposure.

Porcelain also helps in evenly distributing heat across the grate surface, which results in almost zero flare-ups and cold spots.

Due to such quality grates, drop in grills offer you a rust-free cooking surface and thoroughly grilled meals or snacks that are delicious and safe to eat.


4. Can Operate in Four Different Ways


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The most significant advantage of selecting a drop in grill for your outdoor kitchen is that it can operate in four different ways. It depends on you, which type of operation you prefer, per your needs.

Here are the four different types of Drops in grills - 

1. Natural Gas Drop in grills

Drop in grills powered by natural gas are one of the most popular and convenient options as they are incredibly quick and easy to use. You only need to push a button to switch on the grill. As the drop in grill starts, it instantly gets heated up and is ready for grilling. Other advantages of using natural gas grill drop in are that it is the most cost-effective option and eco-friendly.

2. Charcoal Drop in grills

A charcoal-based drop in grill is the most economical option, which delivers high heat and unique char-grilled flavor. But grilling with charcoal is not easy since it requires more patience and skill. It is so because you must start and manage the fire while controlling airflow for a steady temperature.

3. Electric Drop in grills

If you have limited space and don't want much hassle, an electric drop in grill is the best option. But remember, they neither deliver high heat nor bring out the natural flavors of your food. On the other hand, an electric-powered drop in grill distributes heat evenly and eliminates the risk of burning anything.

4. Pellet Drop in grills

Pellet Drop in grills comes with a combination of charcoal and natural gas grills. They are electronically powered and relatively easy to use. Moreover, they deliver the great smoky flavor many grill lovers look for. But compared to other grill options, pellet drop in grills are a bit expensive.


5. Can Be Customized as Per Your Need

Every outdoor kitchen lover has their needs as per space and budget. This need can only be fulfilled with customization options. Therefore, a drop in grill is the best option. Meanwhile, you can customize it according to your needs to improve your outdoor grilling experience.

As a customizing option, you can choose materials ranging from 304 stainless steel to cast iron and add drawers, sinks, and burners. Moreover, you can select color and operation type to match your outdoor setting.


6. Offers a Convenient Way of Cooking


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Compared to a freestanding grill, a drop in grill offers a more convenient way of cooking.

While using a freestanding grill outdoors, you must continuously hassle between your indoor kitchen and outdoor space. It is so because sometimes you need to wash utensils, and other times you need additional material. Adding to it freestanding grill also has limited heat and grilling capacity. You can't use it to grill large meals. Besides it managing all cooking material is also a hassle as freestanding grills don't have much space for catering material.

On the flip side, with a drop in grill, you don't need to move continuously between your indoor kitchen and outdoors. As discussed earlier, the drop in grill is customized to match your needs. You have drawers to store material, a sink to wash utensils, and multiple burners to grill large amounts of food. As a result, it saves you time and money and enhances your outdoor party.


7. Increases Your Home Resale Value

Having an outdoor kitchen with a drop-in grill in your backyard can be a massive bonus for your home value. Research studies have shown homes with an outdoor kitchen are more in demand than homes without an outdoor kitchen.  In fact, according to experts, an outdoor kitchen with a drop in grill has a return between 100% to 200% of the original cost upon selling.

return between 100% to 200% of the original cost upon selling. 

Not only will the outdoor kitchen increase your home value, but it will also become more appealing to prospective buyers if you decide to sell your home. It is one of those benefits that can tip the buyer's decision in your favor. At Northwoods Grills, we offer you a range of best quality grills that can be a great addition to your home value. Some of them include:

Apart from the grills mentioned above, you can also buy Primo grill accessories, countertop outdoor grill, Osburn wood stoves, Majestic vermont fireplace, and Cajun cooker. The best time to purchase accessories is when Primos grill are for sale, as you can get great deals.

8. It Defines a Space Outdoor

The house's backyard usually has a large area with a lot of space for different things. Hosting a party using a freestanding grill often results in creating a lot of post-party mess.

Whereas, if you have an outdoor kitchen with a drop in grill, you have a defined space for all activities, like your home, where rooms, kitchen, dark wood fireplace, etc., are all in place.


9. Is Cost Efficient in the Long Run


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Drop-in grills are initially expensive to set up, but they are more cost-effective in the long run compared to freestanding grills.

Due to their excellent build quality, they require very few repairs and withstand the harsh weather throughout the year. There is also almost zero wear and tear as a drop in grill is fixed in one place.

Usually, every grill user worries about the price initially and continuously thinks, "How much does a grill cost?" But with the quality offered by a drop in grills you must not worry about its price.


10. Attracts Your Guest and Visitors


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If you are among those people who love hosting outdoor parties, then you must have an outdoor fireplace and grill with an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. The outdoor kitchen attracts your guests and keeps them wanting to come back for the next party soon.

As with an outdoor kitchen, everything is set up in your beautiful backyard with an open sky and bonfire BBQ; your guest enjoys it more than a party inside the home. Moreover, you can host more than average friends, as you have ample space to cater and tremendous capacity to cook delicious grilled meals with a drop in grill.

But remember, your guest won't stay long if you don't have an engaging and safe area for eating in the shades. You can use standing fans and umbrellas to keep your guest comfortable during the day. While at the night party, place a lot of colored lighting to create a soothing environment and use a smokeless fire pit insert for a bonfire. You can consider Zentro smokeless fire pit and Breeo fire pit for an outdoor fire. Both these fire pits are made up of quality material and offer an enhanced experience with a bonfire.

If you are thinking about where to buy breeo fire pit and Zentro fire pit, Northwoods Grills is the answer.


11. Makes Eating Healthy Food Easier


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The best thing about using a drop in grill in your outdoor kitchen is that you can eat grilled food. Grilled food is remarkably healthy and better for you than any other option. Moreover, it tastes incredible and offers your favorite flavors, especially with the drop in grill. Drop in grill deliver high heat with consistent heat retention, which maintains the flavors of your food and offers that smoky flavor you crave.

Grilling food in your drop in grill also gives you total control of what goes into your food. It is handy if you have a special diet requirement and must avoid certain food items.



Now you know all the reasons for having a drop in grill for your outdoor kitchen and also know how much is a grill useful. The next step is planning and researching for your choice drop in grill. You must prefer to buy a grill from a reputed supplier as the drop in grill is an expensive investment and must last many years in the harsh weather. Apart from that, ensure the supplier offers you customization options because the drop in grill is best used when customized per your needs.

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